Does Infuse delete manually selected metadata if I change the SMB share and/or favorite folders?

Hi there,

I’m using Apple TV 4k and Infuse Pro and have a bunch of SMB shares from a NAS in my local network.

The access credentials for the SMB share have changed, also some of the directories on the NAS have changed names. So I need to update the SMB username and password in Infuse on the Apple TV 4k as well as some of the added favorite folders.

I’m not sure in which situation Infuse will delete old metadata and am afraid that, if I change the SMB share and even the favorite folders, Infuse will delete the metadata of the movies.

I have a lot of manually selected metadata (movie -> edit -> select metadata entry from TMDB) and I don’t want to have to select those again.

So my question is, can I change the SMB share and/or Fav folders in Infuse (Apple TV 4k) or even delete those and re-add them without having Infuse delete my manually edited metadata for the movies?

Thanks a lot for your help!

I recently went from using an iMac for a server to using a NAS and I had the same worries. What I did was duplicate the files I was moving to the NAS and then connected the new share with the old iMac shares still active. Infuse automatically kept the watched indicators and metadata corrections from the iMac shares and duplicated them to the NAS. I then deleted the iMac shares and all was good.

Try adding the new one before you delete the old one. You’ll have duplicates for the in between time before you delete the old but they go away as soon as you delete the share.

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Hey @NC_Bullseye, thanks a lot for your tips - I will try that!

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