Does Crystal HD help 720P as well?

Hi all!

Just curious if installing the Crystal HD “card” in the AppleTV will actually help it render 720P videos better (as well as enabling 1080P)?

I’m not really as concerned about getting 1080P vids to play because it sounds like there are still some audio sync and stuttering issues, but if the card will help the AppleTV to render the already-supported 720P format, maybe it’s something to consider…maybe it takes some of the load off the cpu?


Yes, it will provide hardware video decoding for many video formats up to 1080p (including 720p).

…and it will definitely take the load off the CPU, at least for the video decoding (which is the biggest task it performs).

Currently it will only be able to do this under XBMC, and remember that the Crystal HD card is currently only supported in the svn release of XBMC.

Remeber to enable the card in XBM under System → Video → Playback → Render Method. Change “Auto” to “Crystal HD”.