does atvflash work with boxee and wixi?

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got a few questions

Does anyone know if after installing atvflash and using couch surfer if you can view boxee and wixi? they both use flash? currently wixi does not support safari, but as this isn’t exactly safari but a special version that uses flash i don’t see why it won’t work with wixi, anyone tried it?

Does atvflash playback dvd isos converting them into flash in real time or is this really playing the actual iso like it would be if you were playing the movie on your PC or mac?

with atvflash can you turn the apple tv into a fully functional computer? As in plug a USB hub, plug a wired or wireless mouse and keyboard, use a USB bluetooth thumbstick and get the nintendo wiimote functioning on the apple tv, plug a printer into the USB port, or even use a network printer, install a word processor, email account etc is this all possible with atvflash? without needing to open up the apple tv and void the warranty?

Many thanks in advance

can anyone answer me on this

Many thanks in advance

Dear Slippy:
I’ve been working in the Wixi API (I’m one of the Wixi programmers) and we’ve an alpha version of the Wixi plugin for XBMC. We’re going to work in the Boxee version next and we would love to have Wixi working in atvflash. Write me if you want to test it as soon as we reach a beta version.

I’m not really sure if aTVflash is accepting patches to their code but we would love to work with them, helping bringing Wixi content to the aTV.

Any developer around?

Thanks :slight_smile: