Does ATV3 mean ATV2 will fall to the wayside like ATV1?

That’d suck - I just bought an ATV2 as I’d seen little development on the ATV1 I have…so will this happen to ATV2 as well or will it still have you guys working on it?  Should I dump it off on someone and get a 3rd gen?

Since the ATV2 and ATV3 run very similar software, any improvements made for the ATV3 will also be available on the ATV2 (this may exclude features that are limited to the ATV3 due to hardware restrictions - E.G. 1080p).

will an ATV2 with iOS 5.1 be jailbreakable sooner than an ATV3 with iOS 5.1?  or will the jailbreak for both ATV2 and ATV3 for iOS 5.1 come out at the same time?

An update that supports 5.0 (iOS 5.1) on the ATV2 will almost certainly be available sooner than the version for the ATV3.

great thanks

Do you guys have any sort of time frame on when a jailbreak for atv2 5.0 will be available?