Does aTV flash (black) work

Has anyone wondered how firecore got aTV flash (black) to work in the first place? I haven’t seen any proof anywhere that it works. You would think they would have a video showing it off but nothing. I’m just saying. I will give them the benefit of the dought for now and see what happens in the next week or two but there is no reason why we should be trying to figure out how to make this work.This started as a great product and let’s hope it continues.I should make it clear by the responses I’ve received that I’m only talking about aTV flash(black) on a windows computer. There’s no instructions for jailbreaking or installing on windows.

I should note that aTV flash (black) Windows version ,is in beta but still a disappointing start. And btw no directions,really. What’s up with that

I bought and downloaded both the win version and the mac version and both installers don't find my jailbroken apple tv running 4.0


 At this time I would advise for everyone else to wait before buying this. At least then you will know if it will be worth spending your money


I also tried both win & mac versions but never sees my jailbroken 4.0 atv2 on the network.  Previously installed NitoTv runs fine on it.

This means that there is nothing wrong on Atv2 side but the flash software..

Waiting for a solution or an updated flash.


you just need to rejailbreak ur atv.

and look around the forum...

guys i had succes installing it by putting it n sleep mode.
I had tried many times before and it wouldnt see it.
Good luck!

I installed the aTV Flash (black) yesterday without a hitch. There are tutorials available here.

Solved by manual install (ssh).


That’s for Mac I need windows instructions and last I heard pawnage doesn’t have a jailbreak yet for windows.

Sn0wbreeze will jailbreak the atv2 on 4.0.