Does atv Flash (black) still works?

Hi , i am planning to buy atv flash (black). Does anyone know if it still works ?

Long time since I used it.

One problem is that it requires a jailbroken ATV2, and the jailbreak is not provided by FireCore but 3rd parties …. and the jail breaking infrastructure is no longer maintained and there have been a number of posts about people not being able to successfully jailbreak their ATV2 (which is a pre-requisite for installing Flash (black)

Flash (black) was great in its day, but unfortunately I think its day is now done and the world has moved on.

Additionally you can probably pickup a used AppleTV HD for the same price of a 2nd or 3rd Gen AppleTV + aTV black.

Yeah but i already own a jailbroken atv 2 . So do you think it still works ?

Mine is jailbroken so it’s not a problem.