Does aTV Flash(black) have a blocker for apple updates

Does aTV Flash use updatebegone to disable future updates from apple?

if you go under nitotv

install software

it should tell you if you have updatebegone installed or not

most likely it is installed

I’m a bit confused, is the updatebegone installed when you jailbreak it with seas0nPass or when you install aTV Flash.   I don’t install Nito TV cause I will never use it.

i think it is installed when you jailbreak with seasonpass,( not 100% sure )

i dont use nitotv either

but it is nice to have it so you know for sure if the blocker is installed or not

i think there is another way

but you have to SSH to your apple tv root directory and find the host file and change it or check if it is already done

aTV Flash (black) and nitoTV both block the auto-udpate feature when installed.

No additional steps required. :)