Does anyone know how to stitch the 5.0.2 blob to ipsw?

Does anyone know?

open redsn0w , and submit that blob to cydia server.

then open seasonpass and it will do the job, I think:)

it’s easy


  1. use last TinyUmbrella to retrieve Blobs … if windows use also USBview tool to seel ECID number

  2. download 5.0.2 frimware

  3. use Sn0wbreeze 2.9.6 with ifaith method to create your custom frimware

  4. enter DFU mode

  5. open Itunes and SHIFT + click on RESTORE


working perfectly

Ok, I have 4.4.4 saved blobs and want downgrade from 5.1. I assume it’s the same process. The thing is, I get stuck when trying to use sn0wbreeze to stitch the 4.4.4 ipsw with my saved blobs because I have 4 saved blobs (b1, b2, b3 b4) and I don’t know which one I should use


[UPDATE] I tried with either of the 4 files with no luck. It says it’s a bad iOS/Blobs combination. So that means that I’m stuck with 5.1 until a jb available?