Doctor Who


Using latest version of Infuse, on iPhone with latest version of iOS. I am specifically having issues with the tv show Doctor Who. All was good until this morning when I downloaded the latest episode, season 10, episode 2. So, being consistent with my previous naming format, the file was renamed to “Doctor Who_S10e02”. Well, when the file was moved into the proper Dr. Who folder (in my NAS, a QNAP) all changed. Now both the folder artwork and episode descriptions for all my Doctor Who seasons and episodes are from the original series which dates back to the the 1960’s (when they should be displaying from 2005 and forward). So all the artworks are wrong as well as all the episode descriptions.

If I go to the imdb data base (when using my browser), it shows season 10 as the current season (2017) and episode 2 as the proper episode (Smile), yet all is messed up in my iPhone.

Not sure what is going on with the latest release of Infuse. First, it now takes forever for Infuse to display artworks/contents (in excess of 30 seconds every single time I open a folder), and now the Doctor Who episodes are a mess.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your response.

I was able to fix the problem by re-starting my iPhone. Not sure why.

The name needs to include the year. E.g. doctor.Who.2005. If you leave of the 2005 then the original Doctor Who is assumed.

Thanks. I will try your suggestion. So for episodes from the current season it would be “doctor.who.2017_s10e02” ?

Thanks. I will try your suggestion. So for episodes from the current season it would be “doctor.who.2017_s10e02” ?

No - it stays at 2005. If you look at the show is called Doctor Who (2005). You find that when a year is necessary it is the one in which the first season of the show aired.

Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. It had not been an issue until today, but it is now named properly and the world is a happy place again.

Mention the year and I have not experienced this error though.