Doctor Who (2005) Special numbering

I’m having problems with Infuse seemingly having a different number scheme for the Doctor Who Special episodes. My episodes are numbered according to TheTVDB (Doctor Who (2005) - Unknown - Specials -

For example, the most recent Special episode was S00E164, named “The Giggle”. However, Infuse identifies it as E164 “Series 1 Promos”, obviously a different special, and one not even listed on TheTVDB.

Where does Infuse get this information? Is there a way to get Infuse to identify the episodes correctly?


Technically, Doctor Who 2005 has ended and now Doctor Who 2023 has started. This is per the BBC listing and show info. Since the BBC is the originating network that is why TMDB where Infuse gets it data has the show listed here.

If you name your files in the format of “Doctor Who 2023 S01E01.mkv” it will pick it up right away.

EDIT TO ADD: You can also see the specials for the 2005 show here.

Ah, interesting, I did not know that the new episodes count as a new show. The Specials numbering for the 1005 show you linked to makes no sense to me, it’s not even in chronological order.

I’m afraid I can’t get these two numbering schemes to work with one another. Hm, I thought I read somewhere that Infuse gets its metadata for TV shows from TheTVDB, not TMDB. Guess I was wrong.

Anyway, thank you for explaining.

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Back in August of 2021 Infuse switched to all metadata coming from TMDB.

They’re pretty strict on adding or modifying info on TMDB which can be a curse or a blessing depending on how you look at it. I’m kind of glad they stick with their policies that takes much guesswork out of things.

It took some clean up after the switch but it’s been minimal once I got the big differences cleaned up on my part.

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So what do I have to name the new Specials? If I name them as “Doctor.Who.2023.S00E01.mkv” I get Metadata for Tales of the Tardis.

The 2023 info is at the link I provided above. You can find the list of specials info there.

For the one you listed above it would be

“Doctor Who 2023 S00E03 The Giggle.mkv”

Unfortunately, no. If I name the file like that, Infuse identifies it as a special for “Tales of the Tardis” (also 2023).

Did you do an edit metadata after you renamed the file? I used that name and it instantly got the correct metadata without a problem.

This is the file structure and naming that will pull the correct metadata. I just tested it again and it’s spot on.
Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 5.11.03 PM
That produced this

This worked, finally. Thanks for your help!

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