Doctor Who (1963)

Infuse used to handle my Doctor Who folders just fine, but now for some reason they are all messed up. I hadn’t browsed them in a while so I don’t know when this broke,

I’ve got everything in one big jumbled mess, with no metadata for any of the shows. How can I fix this?

I’ve got this structure:

Doctor Who (1963)

  • Season 18
    – Doctor Who (1963) - s18e01 - 01 The Leisure Hive - Part 01.avi
    – Doctor Who (1963) - s18e01 - 01 The Leisure Hive - Part 02.avi


Do I need to rename them to work properly? Editing metadata gives me no results.

A couple of things, first with the year behind the title Infuse will most likely look for a movie match instead of a TV series, second, you have two videos with S18E01 and after that you have a part 1 and part 2 that won’t work.

You’ll need to rename them to match the episodes on TVDB to get the correct metadata and artwork. See this page Doctor Who -

The Leisure Hive is S18E01 for part 1 , S18E02 for part 2, and so on. You can see this here

What you should end up with is something like
Doctor Who
Season 18
“Doctor Who S18E01 The Leisure Hive Part 1.avi”
“Doctor Who S18E02 The Leisure Hive Part 2.avi”
“Doctor Who S18E03 The Leisure Hive Part 3.avi”

and so on.

As a side note that will really confuse the issue but it’s just how it works, for the Doctor Who series that started in 2005 you would have the year in the Name and that is one of the rare cases where a TV show needs the year. It usually is the case when you have multiple series with the same name but released in different years like reboots.

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