Dobbel update atvflash + IOS 5.0

Hello there…

How do I update to 5.0 now that I have installed falsh, and should I then update to 1.4 atvflash, or first atv flash ,and then the new 5.0 ?

Okii i start with 1.4 then :wink:



You cannot update (yet anyway) to the 5.0 software and keep ATV Flash available.

If you update to the 5.0 firmware (iOS 5.1 based) now you will end up with a system that is not jailbroken (and thus able to run ATV Flash or any other third party add-ons).

If you want to continue to use ATV Flash then you need to wait uintil a version of SeasonPass is available that can jailbreak the 5.0 firmware AND the FireCore software has been upgraded to work with the 5.0 firmware.