Do you not have BT audio issue?

My fellow tvOS users - can you please help me understand if NONE of you encounter this issue? I hear magically it does NOT apply to airpods, but my Beats (with the same W1 chip…), Bose and Sony BT all have these volume inconsistency issue (it’s a complicated situation but my only fix is toggle between “reduced loud noise” and “play/pause”. It’s super annoying.

Applies to various formats such as mp4/Avi/mpg etc.

My post immediately got merged under an years old ticket so I doubt any of you saw that:

Of course the perfect scenario would be a further “volume normalization” feature but I know it’s a wishful thinking…

I think the BT audio issue is worth enhancing no?

My audio was glitching watching a movie last night on my Bose headphones (quick dropouts followed by audio getting out of sync and needing to kill the app and start over, or switch to a different video and come back), but that isn’t a usual occurrence … nor the same issue you are having (re: volume) … so I guess this doesn’t help you much… :grimacing:

It out of sync could happen - Airtunes (airport express back in the days) do have a significant delay when you skip/ff.

BT volume glitch is an ATV hardware problem, if you watch short clips a lot it becomes an annoyance. Again an ATV problem but with infuse at least there’s a way out.

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