Do you experience a/v sync problem when playing locale 4k contents?

I’m using atv 4k and infuse pro 5. I experienced obvious audio delay (~200ms) when playing locale 4k hevc contents.

When playing such a video from the beginning, the audio delay does not happen. Only when resuming from any pause, audio track changing, subtitle changing, the audio delay happens.

atv setting: 4k hdr 60hz, audio: dolby digital (since it is the only type my av player supports).

Contents tested: 4k hevc 20-90mbps w/wo hdr, audio True-hd / dolby digital 7.1 / dd 5.1.

Neither movies from the apps of 930e, nor the atv airplayshows the a/v sync problem. So I guess this problem is from Infuse pro 5.

Atv is connected to the sony 930e through hdmi, and the 930e to the Yamaha av player through hdmi arc.

Contents are from locale nas through smb or nfs.

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Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

We’ve tracked down an issue in this area that can appear in some cases, and will be including a fix in the next update.

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Yes, I have exactly the same problem too :frowning:
I lost my mind, checked, changed the cables,made a lot of adjustment with toolnix, tried a lot of things for 3 days…
James, please announce that kind of problems before we become crazy ?

After first start, audio and video sync problem starts, I push the pause button, then play button again, sync problem is solved.
Very interesting

Yes it is. The audio delay seems to be unstable. However I’ve never experienced that audio comes before video.

I´m experiencing the same kind of issues when playing movies from my NAS.

While i can fix it by playing around with the audio sync options of my AVR Marant SR6011, but that ultimately makes the Netflix app on the APTV 4K to lose sync, can´t have it both ways.

I´m on the latest Infuse version, hoping for a fix on the next update.

BTW, what it would be even better than a fix would be to have an option on Infuse to play around with audio sync, all media players have that these days, i will add this on the suggestions forum.

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