Do not upgrade tvOS 14

The app will crash if you try to play a video in the new TVos 14 beta 1

If you want to keep watching video avoid updating you apple tv to this version


@comeredon tvOS or iOS or both?

iOS is fine… tvOS is not, AirPlay to tvOS 14 from infuse on iOS 14 is also broken…



I should have seen this forum before updating. I can confirm that it’s crashing on tvOS 14.


Do you think this will be fixed in the application beta? Because unfortunately I did the update before …

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I guess you have to wait for the developer to catch up with ios14 meanwhile maybe hdmi with iPad should work, I don’t try screen mirroring either

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Let us know if 24.000 output is in the game !

Yup same here and I didnt read this and I pudated and now cant play any file, As soon as I hit the play button it crashes and goes back to Apple TV menu.

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Anybody post a diagnostic code?

Same here. Damn. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I need Infuse. I hope the developers read this thread.


Same problem here :frowning:

Please, help us hehehehehe

Just for the statistics: +1

infuse 24.06.20, 14-55.crash.txt (70.1 KB)

Thanks to the brave souls who upgraded to tvOS 14 on day 1, we have been able to resolve this and will have the fix available in the next update (6.4.6).


Thanks :blush:


+1 for the stats :wink: FYI plex is fine!

I need update. Problem is the same

Did you not read above that this issue will be solved in the next update??