The in the aTV Flash dmg does not start. I 2do2 click in and does not start.

What is the problem ? I did all in selfinstallguide.

And again 2 times I I decompress the aTVFlash.zim and mounted aTV Flash image and the does not start

sorry my bad english


What operating system are you using? The aTV Flash requires Tiger or Leopard, so if you have an older version, such as Panther, you will run into problems.

I have installed previous atv flash and all worked.

The problem is with your new version 3.2

I use Leopard, version 10-5.4


I found the solution. I copied the aplication to my desktop. I went to the imagen and start the aplication. And it work. I canceled the instalation. I erase the aplication copy, emptied the trash and again I click in aplication imagen and start.