Do Not Jailbreak in windows7 without reading

Also fixes most security errors for restore. Windows 7

Spent three days trying to restore my Apple tv2 with Itunes Windows 7 , success at last. A couple of things you need to do is first run the Itunes diagnostics under the help tab on top. I had several things go wrong.

Unable to connect to Itunes servers

  • modify host file
    -Add  “#” to bottom and save


And unable to connect to Drivers
This one took a while because kept getting security errors from apple.
Under system programs
-uninstall megaupload and megakey  they are placing driver in wrong place
-uninstall apple mobile device support

Under devise drivers 

  • uninstall apple device drivers

REBOOT computer

open 7zip goto your itunes.exe and view archive  double click applemobiledevicedevicesupport.exe


rerun itunes diagnostics in itunes under help


all should be good