Do IAP require internet?

So I’ve searched, and the reoccurring answer is that Infuse doesn’t need internet access to play files, but this didn’t align with my experience this past week.

I have a lifetime sub, working fine pretty much since day 1. Earlier this week thunder storms knocked out my home internet, and suddenly attempting to play any file with HD audio wouldn’t work, and prompted me to purchase Pro. (And with no net, I couldn’t restore my purchase).

Is this by design, or was something funky going on for me? Can this be changed? I have a feeling that the amount of legitimate users this disadvantages outweighs the amount who would be jailbreaking their device (and wouldn’t really stop them, anyway).


Was it a prompt for Pro (with Monthly, Yearly, Lifetime options listed) or a prompt specifically asking you to unlock DTS or Dolby?

The Dolby and DTS prompts were added recently, and will only appear when playing certain files. These may or may not have been previously unlocked, depending on what you have played in the past.

Activating these IAPs will require internet, though there is an option to delay activation for up to 10 days (in cases where internet may not be available).

More info can be found in this post.

Hey James

It was the prompt for Pro that came up. Monthly, yearly and lifetime. Now that internet is back it came up again, but this time I could restore. Note that my library remained, so it doesn’t appear that the storage was reset or anything.

This generally won’t appear with a lifetime license. But if the the app is updated and the App Store is having a bad day then it’s possible it may need to call home again to get a new ‘receipt’.

This is all done behind the scenes by Apple so there isn’t a lot of control we have here, unfortunately.

I’ve been using Infuse entirely offline for the past couple of months. The most frustrating thing about it is I hadn’t reimported about a third of my content to Infuse’s library when my internet went down, so I’m having to pick those files one-by-one in the files browser to access them.

Watched status is still tracked on my devices, both for Library and non-Library files. It obviously doesn’t sync between devices, but it still helps keep one’s place.

One improvement I’d suggest to @james (though I don’t suspect this will be an issue for many) is this: Without access to internet, multi-season shows that haven’t been imported yet aren’t broken out into per-season folders, even in the Folders Browser, while my shows are broken out into per season folders on my server. This means entire series’ worth of files are all dumped into the main series folder and shown at once — and that’s rather tedious. Don’t see why that can’t be improved.