Do I understand the upgrade pricing right?

I really love infuse, but that feels a Little strange. As someone, who has payed some years als ready for the pro version needs to pay more than others?

When you pay the subscription you are investing at a lower cost than the outright purchase of the pro version and your benefit for that is that you can cancel any time you wish. That’s why those who purchased the full version at the higher cost are offered the benefit of a discount.

Like now, you only pay $9.99 per year for the annual subscription but will pay $24.99 for the stand alone version. If you purchase the lifetime subscription then you don’t have any of the worries that you may have to purchase either a new major version of the pro or extend an annual subscription. Plus you will always have the latest and greatest.

As far as I remember, one of the arguments for the annual subscription is, that you will always have the latest version.

The subscription will give you all updates including major versions as long as the subscription is kept current. The outright purchase of the pro version gives you all updates until the next major version, then you have to purchase or subscribe to that version.

The lifetime subscription which is different than the one time purchase of the pro version will give you all future updates including the major versions at no additional cost.

Three different options.

Ok, interesting. I was just wondering why the full pro 6 version is 27,99€.
So the problem is based in the confusing version policy, mainly. Maybe Theis should be explained in the App Store as well.
Thx, anyway.

I did a double take at first too but after reading Firecores explanation here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing it made better sense.

With subscriptions being a relatively new method of purchase for the app store it’s going to take some time to get used to.

I do not understand either the pricing for the upgrade bundle. It is more expensive than purchasing directly the Infuse Pro 6 version.

Welcome to the forum!

Here’s a thread that explains the bundle pricing and how the discount will be computed.

There is a reply by James and a link to a complete explanation.

Thanks for the welcome but I tried the suggested method and now i have $38 charged (pending) for the Infuse Pro 6 (upgrade) ?. If it is not corrected later, i will request a refund.

Did you choose the ‘Complete My Bundle’ option?

The « complete my bundle » message never showed up.

Did you click on the round blue 3 dot options button next to the price?

I missed this step ?.. And now i remember i purchased Infuse 5 pro on the French App Store. So it may be not possible to get the discount with this bundle. I am screwed.

Not sure if that’s where it was but the upgrade thread said there was a ‘Complete My Bundle’ option.

It should be the discounted price showing which I believe is the bundle price less what you paid for Infuse 5 Pro.

I can’t try it since I’ve already upgraded to Lifetime, sorry.

Ahhhhhh, you edited your post when I was responding!

Yup, can’t carry over from one country app store to another. You may want to cancel your purchase and go for the Lifetime subscription to Pro in the free version. Same great features as the stand alone Pro and you’ll get all future major upgrades free including version 7 and 8 etc instead of having to purchase a new app for the stand alone each time.

Hi all, I am using infuse for quiet sometime and I am more than happy with the app. I run the 6pro version on two atvs and two iPads on annual subscription base. From time to time I am trying to change to a lifetime subscriptions. But infuse is a confuse, when it comes to this. I never managed to do this. Is there someone here, who can explain to me how this works. In easy steps, no links. Just In a simple way, for a simple user. Also, it should work on all my machines, please. Not only on the one, where I do the change. And how much is this supposed to cost? There are so many different prices, that I can’t understand. Please make it as easy as infuse. Thanks :slight_smile:

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