Do I understand the upgrade pricing right?

I own Infuse Pro 5.

Infuse Pro 6 is £23.99

Infuse Pro 6 (upgrade) when I select it shows the “Complete My Bundle” at £21.00.

So, it’s a £2.99 discount?

Seems a little low, hence why I’m wondering.


Just thought it was worth pointing out that if you go for InFuse 6 Free and get the Pro features via in-app subscription you are entitled to upgrades to all future releases of InFuse 6 while the subscription remains valid (and there is a lifetime option for which I think you also get a discount). You may decide that is a more cost effective way of proceeding.

I have the same questions about our discount politicy.
I bought an Apple TV 4K yesterday, i see the Infuse Pro 5 and i paid it 16,99€ (you can verify it simply).
When i saw that you can bought a lifetime options for Infuse on internet, i try to do this.
I don’t understand why i must pay 43,99€ for the lifetime options (Infuse Pro 5 > Infuse Pro 6), the same price if i have not bought Infuse Pro 5.
It should be logical to pay 43,99€ - 16,99€ = 27€ ???

The ‘complete my bundle’ option will provide a discount of around 20% when upgrading from Infuse Pro 5. This can vary a bit depending on the actual price you paid for Infuse Pro 5, as this is what Apple uses to calculate the discount.

Alternatively, you can get full credit towards the purchase of a lifetime license. This ends up being a discount of around 30% off the lifetime license.

More info on the upgrade options can be found here.

Thanks for your answer.
This 30% of reduction about 43,99€ for the lifetime licence?
Excuse me but i don’t understand how to upgrade Infuse Pro 5 to Infuse 6 (lifetime licence) on my Apple TV.
Best regards,

Pricing will vary a bit by country, but that sounds about right.

The lifetime license will cover all your device, and can be purchased on iOS or Apple TV (just be sure you have the Infuse Pro 5 app installed on the device you want to purchase from).

Once purchased, it will be available via the free Infuse 6 app on your other devices. If this isn’t transferring automatically, you can tap the ‘Restore’ option found on the purchase prompt.

Okay, so, thanks for getting back.

So, the 22% discount I see for an in-app lifetime purchase on 6 is the one you mention there that’s “around 30% off”? Not being snarky - understand international pricing can mess things up - but as it was quite far off, I wanted to check.

If I buy this (£38.99) I get updates for iPhone, iPad and AppleTV for a long as you make Infuse?

As opposed to if I buy Pro 6 using the “complete my bundle” option (£21) I just get version 6 upates?

That all correct?


Sorry, the actual discount will vary a bit by country as Apple’s pricing tiers aren’t always consistent due to taxes and other factors. It looks like you are in the UK, so the current pricing there is £38.99 for the special, compared to the regular price of £49.99.

All of the in-app options will cover future updates (v7, v8, etc…). The standalone ‘Infuse Pro 6’ app will cover updates until Infuse 7 is released.

Hello James,

I’m from Germany. I have an Infuse 5 Pro Stand alone licence. Now I plan my Upgrade to Infuse 6 Pro. Is it right that I buy first Infuse 6 free and than via In-App I buy the Upgrade-Special?

Is the Upgrade-Special the Lifetime Licence and unlocks the function of the Pro Version? So I have to pay EURO 43.99 and then get all future program updates and version updates? Is that right?

Don’t want to pay for the wrong Version.

With best regards from Germany


Starting with the free version and then getting the Pro features via an in-app purchase also gets you free upgrades for the length of the subscription you select. Going for the ‘Lifetime’ option therefore gives you free upgrades forever.

Hello itimpi,

and what is the Upgrade Special? I thought that was the Lifetime Licence for Pro 5 Users, or isn’t it?

You need James to give a definitive answer. However as I understand it the Special is a discounted price for users of previous versions of InFuse.

So like me. I have an Infuse 5 Pro licence. It’s a stand alone licence and I want upgrade to Infuse 6 Pro with lifetime (Discount pricing).

Infuse Pro 5 users can receive a discount when upgrading to either the standalone Infuse Pro 6 app, or the lifetime Infuse Pro license.

The lifetime license is only available through the free Infuse 6 app. More info on the steps for doing both can be found here.

Hello James,

thanks for your reply. Here a screenshot from the German iTunes Store. Whatd does “Infuse Pro - Upgrade Special” mean ?

That is the same as lifetime, but at a lower price for existing users.

When viewing this on the purchase prompt, it should say Lifetime.

Hello James,

many thanks. That’s all I want to know. I have a stand alone licence for Infuse 5 Pro. So I download the Infuse 6 App and make an In-App purchase “Infuse Pro - Upgrade Special”. So I have a lifetime license and get all future updates for Version 6 und updates for new Versions of Infuse Player Pro. Thats great.

Hello James,

I downloaded the free Infuse 6 App and opened it. Then I was abled to choose Infuse 6 Upgrade Special and there stands “Lifetine”. So I’m assuming that I will not have to pay extra for future updates and upgrades. Is that correct?


Hi, I am using infuse pro since several years now on Abonnement basis. So I am on the uptodate pro 6 version now When look for the lifetime upgrade, it says 59,99 €, which does not seem like a discount at all. What do I need to do, to get the correct discount, please?
Thx, Gregor

Yes, both lifetime options are the same, and choosing either of them will ensure you have access to all future versions of Infuse.

Sorry for the confusion.

The discount is only available to those upgrading from older versions, not those currently on a subscription.