do I really need the Pro version?

I’m using Infuse as a player on my Apple TV (4th gen) for TV recordings made by Plex on my Synology NAS.

These are the benefits of the Pro version advertised on Firecore’s website:

Play more videos
Enjoy even more video formats (up to 4K Ultra-HD) and save yourself from hours of file conversions.
HD quality audio
Hear every detail with added support for 24-bit Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA audio.
AirPlay & Google Cast
Stream videos to the big screen, with surround sound and subtitles, via AirPlay and Google Cast.
Stay in sync
Keep your library, playback progress, and watched history in sync with other devices.
Cloud streaming
Stream videos directly from cloud file services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and others.
Updates for life
Get access to great new features in all future updates - even major releases like v6, v7, etc… with a Pro subscription.

Play more videos - don’t think I need this as I always play just TS files from Plex
HD quality audio - will that make any difference to me when I only play TV recordings from Plex?
AirPlay & Google Cast - don’t need that
Stay in sync - don’t need that
Cloud streaming - don’t need that
Updates for life - that’s the strongest argument for me for Pro that I can see, at the moment

Will the Pro version improve the integration with Plex in any way?
Will the Pro version be better in handling metadata? I noticed some thumbnails don’t show up in Infuse even though they are there in Plex (see also missing thumbnails for some Plex content)

The biggest benefit of PRO is that is has the paid licenses for DTS and AC3 sound. So you can play your files directly from the NAS with full sound. I use a QNAP NAS, but the processor of the NAS isn’t quite up to snuff in regards to plex transcoding. If my client device can direct play the file, plex is fine but if plex needs to transcode, the processor is only good enough for 720p, which is why I use Infuse. It’s served my house well, playing everything I throw at it.

But if you’re running a plex server with a good processor, it could probably transcode the audio for you down to stereo sound which is what happens with many plex clients because they don’t support those audio formats.

You should follow the Infuse metadata guide for naming files: Metadata 101 – Firecore

If that doesn’t solve your mismatches, you can long press on the movie and edit the metadata and choose the correct movie. I’ve had to do this for Plex and Kodi as well, it’s just a teething pain of building any new library on any program.

Thanks gggplaya - yes, I can see that when using Plex, the audio is transcoded from AC3 to AAC. Doesn’t seem to be an issue for me.

One thing I noticed yesterday. I was playing a recorded TV show using Infuse on my Apple TV and noticed there is a 2nd audio track when I pulled down the media info from the top of the screen. But when I tried to select the 2nd audio track, Infuse showed switched to a “pay for the PRO upgrade” page. I guess this is related to what you said, i.e. that 2nd audio track probably needed a paid codec.

As for the metadata, I would expect Infuse to be able to interpret the Plex naming convention. I think it has something to do with manually uploaded thumbnails (see my latest updates in missing thumbnails for some Plex content).

The audio features really come into play when you have a surround sound system. Otherwise with plex or infuse-nonpro you’ll only get 2.0 channel stereo sound, unless you can get passthrough audio working correctly. I suspect the other audio track was 5.1ch sound track that was recorded.

I don’t believe the pro-version will have difference in metadata. Plex integration is relatively new, and so is DVR on plex for that matter. It’ll take time for the firecore developers to conform to their standard.

Are you recording shows on an HDhomerun Duo Connect?? You may want to try an HDhomerun extend which has hardware transcoding built in, and set your recordings for 720p30fps. The HDhomerun takes a 1080i60fps signal and drops 1 frame and lowers the resolution to give a progressive signal, which is why you end up with 720p30. But this will significantly reduce the size of your recordings from the giant mpeg2 standard and make it 720p h.264 recordings. No need to transcode anywhere, plex will re-encode the container if necessary(direct stream), but that takes almost no processor resources. Every client should be able to handle 720p h.264 without issue.

I just bought my HDhomerun Extend, got it refurbished direct from their store. But I had to order some longer cable to install the antenna where I want it, so it won’t be done until this weekend. I had an HDhomerun prime box, which can record from the cable card. But the recordings were huge since it only recorded mpeg2. I’m looking forward to the extend. I purchased it directly at their shop: Refurbished Hardware – SiliconDust SHOP

I am recording TV programmes received via satellite (Freesat). The satellite signal is received by a SAT>IP receiver (Elgato EyeyTV Netstream 4Sat) which makes it available in my home LAN. There it’s recorded by Plex running on my Synology DS718+ which has hardware transcoding. Unfortunately, the hardware transcoding cannot be used as all TV programmes come in interlaced and my Apple TV expects progressive and the ASIC in my NAS cannot to the de-interlacing. This is why I ended up using Infuse as my NAS is struggling to do the transcoding/de-interlacing by software but with Infuse my NAS can just stream the original to my Apple TV as Infuse converts to to a format that my Apple TV can play on the far more powerful Apple TV itself.

Oh, I see.

You might be better off using an external plex server. That’s what I did. I’m using a lenovo M73 which I bought off ebay for $150. That way I never have to worry about transcoding power, and it only uses 14watts at idle. I’m running Linux Mint and the only thing installed on it is Plex, I turned off all automatic updates, and have it set in the Bios to Auto-Power-On Recovery in case the power goes out, plex will stay up and running just like it would on the NAS.

Thanks for your suggestion gggplaya - I have started a one month trial of Infuse Pro now which allows me to select the 2nd audio track; good news is that track doesn’t have the audio description; I’ll see how it goes and then make a decision if I buy a dedicated Plex server or not.

Hi. You say in this post that you are successfully recording Freesat with the Netstream 4Sat and Plex. Also using Infuse on your AppleTV 4k.

  1. Can you watch live tv as well as well as record?
  2. in another post you said you are now using a Mac mini for Plex (like me). I assume this is instead of the Synology?

May I ask how you configured your Netstream with Plex? Mine throws an error about not being able to tune the channel and recording failed.

thanks mate.