Do I need to update my atv2 before jailbreaking 5.0.2? I'm currently on 4.4.2 tethered.

Do i need to manually update my atv 2 to the latest release then jail break it or can i simply hook it up to my computer and run the latest season pass 5.0.2 on it?

also is the latest 5.0.2 jailbreak untethered?


  1. no need to update unless you will get error.


  3. save your settings via atv menu >maintenance>backup then restore it after new jb. 


Yea i just did the update everything went smooth but I didn’t know it was going to reset everything, and i have no atv rermote ive been using my time warner one lol. Is there any universal cheap remote that can work with this or does a timewarner remote have a code for it something must be compatible since its just a simple ir. I didn’t really wanna go all the way to the apple store and buy the 20 dollar remote.

for jb you need original, later you can use any working with atv.