Do I need to re-jailbreak?

If I update from 4.4.4 to 5.01, is it a straight install or do I need to reset to factory and re-jailbreak?  Can I then reload all my previous settings.

You need to re-jailbreak, but you should not need to set to factory settings first.  Redoing the jailbreak will wip all current settings and apps.  

If you are using ATV Flash, then there is an option under Maintenance->Manage Backups to backup your current settings and metadata.   Then after doing the jailbreak and re-installing your apps you can use the complementary Restore option to avoid having to set up everything again.

If you are not running ATV Flash then you can achieve the same effect using SSH by backing up and restoreing specific folders.  I do not have the details to hand but you should be able to find them via Google or searching this forum.

Brilliant, thank you so much for a prompt and comprehensive reply. :slight_smile:

Hey I am trying to do the same thing from 4.4.4 to 5.01 but for some reason am not successful.  Is there an issue with the servers? I really want this update! when I backed up my firmware I can see its there ios 5.0 (9b179b) and ios 5.0 (9b206f) but everything looks the same… I feel like an idiot. the first jailbreak i did was perfect!

please help

You have not mentioned running the latest SeasonPass to creat a jailbroken version of the latest Apple firmware and then restoring that through iTunes? Have you done that?

Yes I downloaded the latest from season pass and tried to restore through i tunes.  and thank you for replying…any other thoughts?

I will try again to jailbreak (4th time)  Do i have to re-download from season pass every time? Sorry for dumb questions I am not the best when it comes to certain technical things!  really appreciate the help…

after i plug in usb cable and itunes is extracting software at the end it says itunes could not restore apple tv, couldnt contact servers?


ok i am good!!! peer block was fucking me!!!

ok now what? I dont see a maintence option to download media player etc? am i blind?? did I miss a step? and if so what do I have to do? thanks for the help

After running Seas0nPass to jailbreak your ATV, have you then downloaded and installed the latest aTV Flash (black) which adds the Maintenance option?

no I havent, would you mind explaining to me how I do so? thanks you…I have to buy it again? it hasnt been a year?

Log into your firecore account on the firecore web site and download the latest version of aTV Flash (black) that should be available in the download section of your account. Once your have it downloaded to your PC or Mac run it to install it onto your aTV.