Do I need the Pro version for HEVC and AAC


I have been considering re-encoding all my rips using HEVC and AAC to save space on my library. Is the pro-version required to play HEVC and AAC or does the free version play this format?


I never ran the free version so I can’t really say but why not try a sample video and see? Shouldn’t take a lot to drum up a x265 AAC video.

Thanks for the reply. I am currently running the Pro version and HEVC/AAC files playback fine on my ATV 4k. But I am wondering if this a format that only the Pro version can playback.


Are you running the free version with a subscription or are you running the Buy once pro version?

I have a yearly subscription.


FWIW, Infuse Pro includes quite a bit more than just codec support.

A list of everything you get can be found here.

Thanks James,

I am aware of the other features that Pro does bring in addition to extended codec support. However I am looking specifically if the non Pro version can do HEVC and AAC ( I am sure it can do AAC, but I cannot see anything about HEVC support requiring Pro).


Unfortunately, codec licenses and costs can change, and in the past some codecs have gone from free to Pro (and vice versa). It could theoretically happen in the future, so for this reason we don’t publish an explicit list of codecs that require Pro.

Since you’re already using Pro you should be all set, regardless of what happens in the future.

HEVC mkv works fine for me with a stereo AAC. I have all my movies ripped into “digital copies” for traveling and guest access.

I did upgrade to pro through the app but still my DV files were no go

I don’t see it on the list of supported formats, unless I completely missed it. You can add a suggestion to support it in future releases.

how can I do so

Add a “New Post” at the top

my DV movies play without issue. Use mediainfo on a PC and post your output here. Do the files playback with other apps such as MrMC? If not then you might have bad files.

Netflix, vudu, and all rest streaming DV works fine. These are SL, Mp4 rips on my LAN, NAS storage. Btw MrMC do u need standard or pro version to play VC?

You need the paid version of MrMC. Post the media info for the affected files. Do DV demo files from Dolby playback in Dolby vision? They work for me and I’m running through a Sony strdn1080 receiver into an LG oled b7p.

My bad, I thought you were referring to .dv files not Dolby Vision…

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