Do i need seatbelt after fresh JB with SP 0.9.5



i did a fresh JB with SP 0.9.5 on 5.3 and then installed XBMC 12.3 - successful


do i need the seatbelt from NitoTV for my XBMC 12.3 or is this only for the way from tethered to untethered via patches?


Greetz Ed

No need for the seatbelt fix if you did a fresh jalbreak to 5.3

People were having trouble with the HD videos when they used the “untether” link in NITO, the seatbelt fix corrected that.

Ok thank you!


some times streaming of movies from my NAS is a little stuttering (SD and HD is same)

maybe this is xbmc 12.3…?

is there also 12.2 available in NitoTV sources?