Do I need a Trakt account to enable Family Sharing of my Pro license still?

I am fairly new to Infuse, and I bought an annual Pro license which I am sharing with multiple devices using Family Sharing on iOS. To do this, I had to create a account, and sign in to it on all the devices I am sharing with. There is also iCloud sync. I am not sure why I need both? I don’t ever use Can I just get by with the iCloud sync?

Apple now supports native family sharing of subscriptions and in app purchases.

There are a few requirements for using this.

  1. Running iOS 14.2 or later
  2. Family Sharing is enabled on the Infuse subscription page (App Store > Subscriptions)

Cool. Thanks for the update. Will configure my other devices without Trakt to see. Is there any other benefit to Trakt that I can’t get with iCloud sync enabled?

iCloud handles pretty much everything, but many people use Trakt outside of Infuse for various things.

A complete list of what info is synced via iCloud and Trakt can be found here.

Thank you!