Do i JB my atv2 with GreenpoisOn RC or is firecore a JB?

Do i JB my atv2 with GreenpoisOn RC or is firecore a JB?

Found the answer!  :[

answer is go ahead.  Jailbreak with greenpoisen release 6.  Untethered.  works fine. 

Just to make sure i have all this right..

I finally got my JB working with Greenpois0n. Now seas0nPass for windows is still beeing worked on? But when it is done i use seas0nPass and then install atv 2 flash? black

Seas0nPass is at Beta 3 and as i did not sign up to Beta 3 i have to wait till its done but i can still buy  2 flash black for 19.99 (or sonthing)


There are two components being discussed. 1. Jailbreak tool, 2. Apps/plugins to use once jailbroken.

With regarding to jailbreaking, you can use Seas0nPass or GreenPois0n. The components they install are identical.

Once jailbroken (using one of the tools described above) aTV Flash (black) can be installed to provide access to the apps and features being designed by FireCore.