Do I Have This Right??

OK, being brand new to AppleTV and atvflash I have a few questions I home someone with more experience can answer.

Right now I have the AppleTV without any data on it… just the atvflash was installed but no media content.

My media has been moved from my MacBook Pro’s hard drive to an external USB drive which is connected to an Airport Extreme.

I can see the different files and folders using Cyberduck as you can see here…

Now is it my understanding that all media files (Movies, Podcasts, TV shows) should be placed in the “Movies” folder of the FTP window?

Should I even add any content to iTunes which is connected to a USB drive, which is connected to my Airport Extreme? Or should I connect it to the back of my AppleTV?

I see that there is a folder for “Pictures” in the above screen shot. Can I FTP the photos in my iPhoto’s libraries? Or should they be done using iTunes?

I am pretty much looking at the more experienced users which pretty much anyone that has more then 3 posts here on this forum. Someone that has set the machine up and has atvflash installed and it is working like a top.

Thanks… hope to hear from someone soon.