DNS broken ?


in my home network normally I’m using dns for everything even my samba share. My problem is that infuse does not work well with dns. I don’t know if the apple tv is caching old entrys or it is the app itself.
I can login to my samba share via my mac without problems. If I try this via infuse mostly the connection can’t be established. The test fails. If I hardcode the ip everything works, but that is not the way I like to setup thinks… . Anyone else have some problems with dns resolution ?

Is this share being detected automatically by Infuse, or is it being created manually?

What type of router are you using?

The share isn’t auto detected . I have to add it manually. I could fix by jump into the first folder.

folder structure

→ Movies
→ Series

smb://samba Sometimes I could add this share and add Series and Movies as favorites.

If I try to browse into these folders, infuse try to reach the server but without success.

Than I added the share like this.

smb://samba/Storage Added Movies & Series as favs. and everything works fine.

Are you using a dual band router by chance?

We’ve see a few cases where some devices are available and auto-detected on one band, but not the other.

I’m using the ethernet port. Maybe can setup a packet capture but this will take some time.

Are all devices connected via Ethernet, or are some on Wi-Fi?

Have you tried using Wi-Fi to see if that helps?