Just a few weeks back I set my ATV 2 DNS settings to the Tunlr DNS. This has been working perfectly with the Hulu Plus app.


But when I open the “Media” app, it gives me the error message “An error occured - Could not open dir (…). Reason: No such file or directory (2).”

Then I would change the DNS back to automatic, restart the ATV and I can access all my files in the media app again.

When I want to use Hulu, I would have to change DNS back to manually.

My disk from which I access the files is connected to the router via usb cable.

Everything for itself is working fine, just asking for a solution to save even more time :slight_smile: Is there any workaround for this? 

Thanks for your answers!

Been awhile since I’ve used Media Player. When configuring the share can you use an IP address instead? This would prevent the DNS from having to get involved.

Or can you set the DNS of the Apple TV to the Router and then set the Router DNS to Tunlr DNS?