Dnla /UPNP

My network tuner, an HDHomerun Connect Duo shows up as an Available Share in Infuse Pro, but when I attempt to save I receive an error. This tuner also appears in VLC, (with the info that it is a UPNP connection), and selecting it displays channels, and favorites, and streams perfectly.

The stream is MPEG 2, so that shouldn’t be the problem. If I could access my Live TV channels in Infuse I would be set.

I actually wasn’t expecting to get my live TV integrated into Infuse Pro, but when I saw it available as a share today, I became very interested.

Live TV streaming isn’t available in Infuse right now, but may be something we consider for the future.

There’s an existing thread for this in the suggestions area which you may consider upvoting. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I think that might be an interesting opportunity for Infuse to pursue.

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