DLNA/UPnP Server Problem / Panasonic BCT/BST 735

I have three issues with Infuse 3 on my Ipad.

    I can not add my Panasonic DVR BCT-735 to Infuse.
    It is shown as an available share, but if I press save I get an error message. Like"An error has occurred. Sorry Infuse has discovered an Error".
    I would expect that Infuse shows the recorded files like other players do.

VLC can add the DVR as a source, play videos and even can play live ty stream from the DVR.

    Will Infuse also be able to play the live tv like VLC if connection works?

  2. APPLE TV (black) Infuse
    I have ATV 2 with firecore/Infuse. Is atv expected to be able to do 1 and 2?

I have also tried for example ACE PLAYER on the ipad. (Just to check if this is a problem of the DLNA Server)
→ it connects with DLNA the DLNA server (Panasonic DVR) properly without any error
→ it shows me all recoded files on the DLNA server (Panasonic DVR) and can play them
→ it shows me with DLNA all the TV channels (of the DVR) and can play them
→ it looks ugly, if I compare it to Infuse

Can you please help me? It looks like a bug in the DLNA implementation.


I would appreciate it to get any answer or reaction from the support team.
Even if you have no solution.
At least a reaction.