DLNA issue help

Hi all, just a question to an issue I’m having, I use DLNA in Infuse to get my media files from my NAS drive, I choose DLNA as I like the way I have organised my files and folders and it works perfect for navigating and finding my files, however, if/when my NAS reboots then Infuse gets all messed up and only a few media files show in the folders, and to fix the issue I have to remove the shares and re-add them, no other DLNA client in my home does this so just wondering why Infuse does this?


Have you ever tried using the Infuse Library for browsing when using an SMB connection? It really does a superb job of layout and content with a great array of choices for how to display your info… DLNA is a bit unpredictable just do to how it handles file names and can cause different issues depending on your settings.

Yes I have tried SMB and other connections and it messes some of my files/folders up so that isn’t an option, i dislike the “recently added” etc too, it’s easier to browse via folder, SMB file browse would work fine if it didn’t mess my files/folders up.
I just find it odd Infuse DLNA connection does this as all the other DLNA clients (7 of them) in my home work fine after the NAS has rebooted.


You haven’t explained what you mean by “it messes some of my files/folders up” so could you elaborate a bit on what you feel is being messed up? There may be options in Infuse to make it more to your tastes. Also many of the displayed favorites can be deleted or changed to your preference.

When I use SMB some files are not in the correct folders, some single files are out of the correct folders and also 2 whole series are out of the correct folders and instead of being in for example TV Shows>Full Steam Ahead folder they end up being in the root TV Shows folder, so the Full Steam Ahead folder completely disappears.

Thanks for any help,

Okay, look at the attached pic and tell me which way you have the series “Full Steam Ahead” placed in folders. The “Example A” is the preferred way.

Mine are B, so if I do a sub folder then that will fix that issue?
Anything I can do for the single files? Example my Movies folder has A - Z folders, in folder Q there is only 1 movie, and then that gets put out of Q folder and in the root of Movies folder.

Thanks very much,

Yes, you can make it work by placing the single moving in a folder with the movies name as per the attached pic.


Ok thanks, I’ll sort that tomorrow.
Thanks for all the help.


Sure thing, and after you get the structure changed give the SMB and library a try, I think you’ll like it.