DJI Copilot Boss Drive + Infuse

Does anyone have the DJI Copilot Boss drive that can test with Infuse? Can infuse recognize the drive as a source and can it play 4K files from it?
This is a new backup drive from DJI which connects to iOS via lightning cable - main purpose is for SD/photo backups but iOS can play files from it. Just curious if Infuse can see this as a source.


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Unfortunately, Infuse won’t be able to access this directly, but if the DJI app integrates with iOS’ native Files app, you would be able to import videos from this drive into Infuse. This feature can be accessed via Infuse > Settings > Add Files > via Documents.

If you’d prefer something that integrates directly with Infuse, you may want to check out the SanDisk iXpand ( The iXpand Drive will appear in Infuse, and will allow you to play videos straight away without having to jump through any hoops.

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Hi James - Thanks a lot for your reply! I’ve been using Infuse since v.1 on iOS - it’s awesome!

Is support for this drive something that you may consider adding in the future? If DJI can access the drive via their app, is this is something other apps could also implement? Or is this hardware dependent? I was looking for a solution to play 4K files directly on the iPad which is possible via the drive, but would be much easier and better to view the files as an Infuse library with covers and metadata.

I’m also considering the WD My Passport Wireless Pro & WD My Passport Wireless SSD since they can run a Plex server (without transcoding). Do you know if either of these work well with with Infuse? I heard a lot of mixed reviews with the Pro version of the drive. Maybe the SSD version is better but I doubt it can stream 4K without issues. That’s why using the wired version would seem like a cool idea.

Thanks again!


In theory, drives like this could be supported in the future, but that is up to drive manufactures on whether or not they would like to allow 3rd party apps like Infuse to interact with their products.

In a nutshell, any storage devices that connects via Lightning is part of Apple’s MFi program, which requires certification, device specific SDK, and explicit permission from the manufacturer. SanDisk is one of the few companies I know of who has opened up their program to 3rd parties, as generally most manufactures simply make their own app and direct users to use this.

With regard to the WD drives, either of them could work with some 4K content, but this of course may vary based on network conditions.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the really helpful reply James. I think this should make it easier to choose a drive that I know will work with Infuse. Hopefully, with future iPad models and Infuse we’ll be able to play & stream 4K, HDR + Atmos movies on the go one day! Thanks again.

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