I was getting a message to upgrade to pro to see some films from a shared folder on my Airport Time Capsule.
The message stated I could not see the films due to the audio type.

I paid my 9.99 € to upgrade to Pro and now get the message that I can’t play the films as they are Divx and not supported.
I feel ripped off.

Do I have to wait until you support this format or get a refund ?

The vast majority of DivX/XviD files have been working until the recent upgrade. We are assured that compatability will very soon be reimplemented.

Don’t worry, Infuse is a great app that plays pretty much anything. Keep in mind that the XviD variants are old codecs that really should be abondoned by now. x264 is far superior and even it will soon be superseded by x265 in the 4K era.

It may be possible to downgrade to 4.0.1 if you are desperate for XviD compatability. I’m not sure how to do this though, someone else may chime in?

I knew I wasn’t going crazy, I was certain most of my tv shows were working before this recent update. I hope this gets resolved, or at least someone would share a way to downgrade the app.

I’m so glad this thread exists. I’ve bought an Apple TV solely because of InFuse. Desperate to get rid of the buggy and unfriendly Western Dogital HD Live that my kids and I use to access media on our NAS, I thought Apple TV with InFuse was the answer. Last night I found that InFuse won’t play so many of their AVI files as they’re DIVX.
Please restore this capability as fast as you can!

Can’t believe this isn’t supported now. We have hundreds of old cartoons ripped in xvid. Will have to request a refund and go with something else.

So sad, infuse looks great

I’ve already purchased another app, DivX incompatibility is an absolute deal breaker unfortunately (for myself and I assume many others). I do prefer Infuse’s UI so I will return should it be restored. What is most annoying is the lack forewarning, it wasn’t even mentioned in the patch notes. Very disappointing.

I can see I’m not the only one with this issue. I can only hope that Firecore resolves this swiftly, for myself along with the other 3-4 people I just referred to Apple TV and inFuse.

I just got done raving to two people today about how amazing this app is paired with the ATV. How it plays ALL of my media files: divx, mkv, mp4, avi … w/out issue. How it is the one stop shop for ease of playback and centrally managed entertainment in my home. I got rid of my media center PC specifically to utilize ATV and inFuse, and right now I just look silly as I’m receiving the error: “Sorry, this video type (DivX) is not currently supported.” on many of my media files, some of which I know worked prior to the update.

After coming here for a sanity check, I will say it’s a relief to know I’m not the only person experiencing this issue, however I also agree with several others here… If you’re going to release a major update (one that COULD alter functionality) it’s best practice and good Customer Service to at least:

  • alert users
  • provide your users with an option to upgrade with release notes
  • provide your users with a rollback option

None of these were done and had it not been for this forum, I wouldn’t even know what was going on… nor would I have an answer for these individuals who may purchase ATV + inFuse soon based on my recommendation, leaving me looking like a complete fool.

Please take these items into consideration in the future. I truly enjoy your app and I do hope that you (firecore/infuse) stick around for the long-haul with the next gen ATV series.

  • Jim

Ironically - VLC for Mobile is now available for free in the ATV App Store. I installed and don’t seem to have any issues w/playback, in addition - the VLC app is also “Siri-Friendly” so voice controls function.

Please fix inFuse asap!

From Macrumors forum by Firecore staff:

“DivX has never been officially supported, though in past builds, some of these videos happened to work. However, in 4.0.2 certain DivX features (and the Xvid equivalents) have been disabled for compatibility reasons. We’re looking into ways to get them working again for a future version.”

Yeah, but VLC is butt-ugly and your girlfriend will hate it… :wink:

Just to be clear, will you be bringing back the playback of divx files feature ? As for me that’s what I use this app for, and not happy at the mo!

It sounds like this was never supported and they don’t plan on bringing the feature back. If that’s the case, how can we downgrade to 4.0.1 and restore functionality? This is a deal breaker for me and I will be requesting a refund if we can’t come up with a solution.

Same problem here. All of my .avi files worked before 4.0.2. Now, at least 75% of them won’t play. I’ve been raving to everyone with a new Apple TV about how great Infuse is, but this leaves a really bitter taste in my mouth. It’s great that the stuttering issues are fixed, but to remove functionality without any notice is just bad business. I sincerely hope FireCore fixes this.

+1 Please bring back DivX support asap.

+1 for DIVX support

Yeah, but VLC is butt-ugly and your girlfriend will hate it… ;)[/quote]

^^^ #TRUTH!

And almost nothing play. It’s shit.

I wish I didn’t update. Taking away a feature without warning in the release notes? Why would we need to request to bring back a feature that was part of what I bought? This is ridiculous. I demand the feature to be back in a “fix” release, don’t want to wait.

I second that.

you cant take away something that was working fine before the update. give us back the DIVX support ASAP.
I just bought an ATV 4 and Infuse because of this. now Its broken!!!

Well, i think that dropping divx is really big problem for many users. I personally have many oldschool TV Series, which are encoded in divx/xvid in really big compression. Yeah… Divx surely is already dead codec today that should not be used nowadays, but what can someone (for example me) do with his huge collection of old TV series? Reconvert badly compressed files again? I live in czech republic and some tv series aren’t even available anymore to get them in better quality. It’s just shame firecore didn’t warn us in advance. I red almost everything that has been posted here and i cant remember that i saw some line saying “Divx has never been officially supported”. It still isn’t stated on infuse homepage nor in appstore description or update notes. If it was, i would have turned off auto update and leave absolutely brilliant 4.0.1 installed. Description on web/appstore still says that infuse plays avi videos… Well that may be true, but extremely huge amount of avi container files contain old divx/xvid video. Im just saying It will be fair to write some note about it or drop support of avi (it’s old too) container completely. Infuse is still the prettiest and capable media center for Apple TV… Firecore did some really great job. But it would be nice to hear some details about this compatibility issues. I just don’t get that it was absolutely ok in previous versions and now it isn’t. If it really is so big problem, i think it’s time to rape our yet ugly oldschool movies with Handbrake to even uglier form :). Thanks for understanding.