divx movies become invisible

I’m a newby with ATVFlash and I’ve come across a weird problem using .avi videos. Some movies become invisible after being watched. They ARE in ATV when looking in the computer, but not visible in the ATV menu. This problem does not concern all, but some avi-s. Why is that, maybe some preferences have been set wrongly? Has anyone had similar kind of problem before? Thanks in advance for any ideas, suggestions.
Kind regards,

Which menu are you using to browse the files? If using Sapphire you may have the view setting set to ‘unwatched only’. You can toggle the view by pressing the left arrow (<<) when browsing files.

Sorry for my slow response… guardianmax, thanks, this solved the issue under Sapphire.
Alternatively I’ve tried to use Nito TV and it works fine also; no movies will disappear after watching. Nito TV only does not support the convenient “Resume” function.
Thanks, the problem has been solved for me.