Dividing Library/Collections to local/remote

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I hope i created this topic under the right category. I would like to kindly ask you for some workarounds, tips. My content which i would like to “import” into Infuse is made from my local (HomeServer) and remote (my friends RemoteServer)content. Is there please any possibility how to divide this content under Movies, TV Shows tab ? Since we have some content “duplicated” (but with different quality, file size…) i dont want to “mix” them or see duplicated under mentioned tabs. Till now i added both “shares”, but made Favourite and visible under Movies only my local content, since i want avoid the mention mix…

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The best option here might be to add one server to the Library and then access the other server directly via a folder favorite. This would keep things separate, but allow you to use the Library for browsing one of the servers.

You can select which Favorites are included in the Library through Settings > Library.

Folders can be accessed directly via Favorites on the Home Screen (Apple TV) or through the Files tab (iOS/macOS).

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Thank you very much for your reply James ! Yes, it seems to be, that this option is at the moment the only possibility. Maybe we find in the future option to mark shares with colours and add show them as colour flags / “indicators to posters” (something like unwatched flag) to divide the source :wink:

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Newsletter arrived today and i remember, that i wrote this post in the past :slight_smile:

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