Distortion, warping sound and audio delay

Hi everybody,

It’s been quite some time that I’ve been telling myself to ask for help on the forum, which has always solved all my issues, so here I’m ! ?

I have an Apple TV 4, and the last version of Infuse Pro. I’ve been using Infuse since the beginning and it’s been really great (thanks for the hard work btw !).

I use an Airport Time Capsule to have all my movies and library on it. The setup is fine and works great. I can access to it without any issue.

My issue is that since a few months, and I don’t know why, when I’m watching anything through Infuse, the sound is distorted and the audio gets delayed little by little. If I pause, then play it again, the audio gets right back on track but is still distorted. By distortion, I mean that I can clearly hear the voices (no problems with that), it’s only with the music and sounds of the movies. First, I thought it was my home theatre so I tried on an other one but I had the same issue (still using Infuse). I tried the movie on my computer and everything works fine here. That’s why I think the cause has to do with Infuse

I’ve been looking on Internet for a solution but couldn’t find any. I tried to reset everything on my Apple TV, set up everything again but the issue is still here. I think it has to do with the codecs or something that Infuse can’t read properly. 99% of my movies and tv shows come from Rarbg and I had never had that kind of issue before…

I really hope you guys can help me because it’s really annoying and it kills the atmosphere of the movie since I can’t enjoy it because all I hear is that warping sound.

Thank you for your help and answers !

Edit : can’t know why, but I restored my Apple TV again, and everything and it seems to work fine now… soooo, problem solved ??

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