Displaying on an external monitor through the Lightning to HDMI adapter

I’m running Infuse Pro 5.6.1 and iOS 11.1.2 on an iPad Pro 10.5". I have intermittent problems displaying video on an external monitor via the Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter. Problems are:

  1. Video won’t shift into independent full screen mode on the external monitor, i.e. Infuse stays mirrored, and when I lock the iPad to kill its display, the video gets killed on the external monitor too.
  2. Video displaying offset, usually towards the top left-hand quadrant of the external monitor screen.
    Both problems are intermittent. I’ve had success / non-success with the same video files using the same adapter and monitor.

A number of fixes for playing videos via a Lightning-to-HDMI adapter will be available in 5.6.2. :slight_smile:

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