Displaying of folders

Hi guys,

Yesterday I switched over from XBMC to aTV Flash.
Installation was 10x easier and faster. Now even a non-ITer can do this :smiley:

I already knew that XBMC would have far more options. But I wasn’t using them at all.

But some things Im missing.
I have added 2 favorites. 1 folder for Movies and 1 folder for TV shows. They work great.
But it is possible to get artwork for those folders or on the left side instead of a Time Capsule picture?

My folders are made like:
The Big Bang Theory
    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
Game of Thrones
    Season 1

Would be nice to have some coverart at the beginning instead of only in the folder where the actual files are.

You can put folder.jpg image to each folder with the picture of the movies (DVD). Than it shows you the cover art. I don’t know what do you use Mac/PC. I have Mac and used free software called ViMediaManager, which downloaded 99% of the cover arts for my movies/TV Shows. It helped a lot!


If I understand what you are saying…You create a jpg with the same name as the folder.  But I don’t understand where you are putting it.  Does it go in the folder (Game.of.Thornes.jpg inside the Game.of.Thornes folder)?

No no, For example, you have a folder “Game of Thornes”. Download some cover art from internet and name it “folder.jpg” (really “folder.jpg”, NO “gem of thorns.jpg”) and put it inside the folder “Game of Thornes” Than it will load it automatically.

I’ve attached screenshot of one of my movie

That was a great explanation.  Thank you.  I have it now.  Fire Core should add that information to the knowledge base.

Thanks :slight_smile: actually I think you can find information about this somewhere in FAQ :slight_smile:

FireCore must make it so that it downloads the art automatically.

Yes, it would be nice to handle the movies/tv shows similar as XBMC does. But still, aTV Flash is still much better and comfortable :slight_smile:

It does as long as the name is sufficient for the media to be recognised.


Like I said before. It does for the media. Not for the folders.


I did a little research and it doesn’t matter what the .jpg is named.  It takes the first .jpg that is valid.  

There does seem to be a size limit of approx. 1000 pixels to the image size.  I usually resize any art to between 300-500, that way they take less room and will work in itunes as well.

Also when I changed the jpg to a different image sometimes it couldn’t find the new image until it reloaded the metadata.