Displaying Multiple Instances of Same Movie

I’ve used the app for a few years now on all platforms and recently I’ve encountered an issue where particular movie files are being shown multiple times along with their associated metadata. These movie files are also not pulling over to the media library that would combine the media from multiple sources.

For example, I have an .mp4 of the movie Baby Driver. This isn’t contained in any separate folder, but is contained within a folder along with a number of other movies. Baby Driver is only in the folder once, but through infuse will display up to 10 times or more on the favourited folder, but will also not show up in the Movies part of the Media Library despite coming up.

Any idea why this might be? This is definitely a new issue I’ve encountered so I’m assuming it comes as a result of a recent update?

Are you connected via DLNA?

I’m not that tech savvy, so forgive my stupidity in how I respond here as I’m not entirely sure what you mean by DLNA, but I have a modem which has two external harddrives connected that contain my media files. Through that network, I use infuse (mostly on Apple TV) to stream the movies. Hope my response helped.

Click on the settings icon, the very first option would be shares, click on that. Where you see ‘saved shares’ what does it say? There will be your harddrive name and then SMB or other connection method like DLNA in brackets.

Sorry not to get back to you sooner, seems the holidays are a time to run a bunch faster and cover less ground. :wink:

I’m assuming that by modem you mean a cable router that you have attached hard drives to and are connected via WiFi or Ethernet cables from there.

Like jedgarau said, Settings > Shares > select “Saved Share” for the location of your files > Select “Edit Share” > Under protocol what does it say?

If DLNA, you’ll need to set up a Share with a different protocol such as SMB.
DLNA has a habit of renaming files and that can cause you to see a new copy every time the DLNA server renames it.

You can refer to the users guide here Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore for help.

Fixed it. Thanks a lot you guys!

Glad your back on track!

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