Displaying local metadata (from iTunes)

I’m using Infuse on the iPad, with all of my content synchronised manually from iTunes for Mac via USB. I have spent years making sure all of my iTunes metadata is perfect. I use square TV art and bring correct metadata into iTunes using iFlicks. The content I’m viewing in Infuse all comes from having “Show iTunes Videos” selected.

No matter how I have settings set, I can’t get the embedded metadata in the files (from iTunes) to display properly. With “Embedded metadata" selected on its own, all my TV and films synced over to the iPad from iTunes just get tossed into “Other", with no proper metadata.

If I have both “Embedded metadata” and “Metadata fetching” selected, then TV programmes get (mostly) grouped together properly (some still end up in “Other” for no good reason) and it brings back different, online metadata from what’s actually embedded in the mp4 files… and often it is for the wrong programme.

This is the same for both films and TV series. I just want Infuse to display my carefully curated metadata that shows up in iTunes, and that I have synced over to my iPad. Is that possible?

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Currently, in order to make use of some features in Infuse (such as Library) Metadata Fetching will need to remain enabled.

We’ve received feedback from some people who, like yourself, wish to use their own metadata, so this is something we hope to look into for a future update.

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