Displaying all seasons under one poster (like how the search function does it)

If I currently go to my TV Shows, every season of every show is displayed, which makes viewing and scrolling a massive headache. If I use the search feature and find a particular show, it puts all seasons under one poster which I can then access if I tap on it. Is there any way to reproduce this functionality in the main library?


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If you browse TV shows via the Library, you will be able to see a list of series, and clicking on one would then list the seasons you have available.

Thanks James - similar to my other thread, I’ve had to go back to the Plex structure because although using the Library route does fix the issue, it just adds way too many clicks. With Plex, it shows just the name of the shows and then only when you click into it, does it show every season of that show. Do let me know if you ever implement this style.

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How are you getting to your TV shows using the Library?

By default, Infuse will show a TV Shows icon on the home screen (see attached) and clicking that will display all of your series.

If you’re note seeing this, and want to re-add it, you can follow the steps found here for adding Favorites.

The problem is that the TV Shows folder is a catch all and puts in everything that isn’t a movie. On Plex I have different libraries for shows such as Box Sets, Weekly/Daily Shows, etc. Adding them all in the same group doesn’t really work for my setup. Do you have any plans to allow different folders to be configured for TV shows in future?

I see. When streaming from Plex, Infuse relies on the tagging Plex provides, so if something is tagged as a show in Plex then Infuse will also display it in the TV shows category. When streaming directly from a share (not using Plex), Infuse will only display things it knows for sure are shows in the TV shows category. Everything else will be placed into Movies or Other.