Display the covers with folders?

Hello, I would like to see all of my series per season and not see the files! yet I followed your example (Metadata 101 – Firecore) but it does not work … thank you!

Use protokol Samba (SMB)?

Freebox… (french box)… UPnP

Unfortunately manual artwork isn’t available when using UPnP or DLNA. Sorry.

What I would like is to not view files directly and see all of my series and seasons together directly like this :

For what I want now I would have to remove all the files in each folder to put everything to the root …

Freebox Hard Drive /
My Series 1 Episode 1.avi
My Series 1 Episode 2.avi
My Series 1 Episode 3.avi …
My Series 2 Episode 1.avi
My Series 2 Episode 2.avi
My Series 2 Episode 3.avi
My Series 2 Episode 4.avi …
My Series 3 Episode 1.avi
My Series 3 Episode 2.avi

Instead of :

Freebox HDD / My series 1 /
Episode 1.avi
Episode 2.avi
Episode 3.avi …
Freebox HDD / Ma Series 2 /
Episode 1.avi
Episode 2.avi
Episode 3.avi
Episode 4.avi …

Update 4.1 : “TV Show backdrops are now grouped by season”

=> Nothing changes for me … I do not understand that change? How to no longer see the folders ?

How are you files currently organized?

If you follow the structure described in the guide below Infuse should automatically be adding artwork for both series and season.