Display series title on details page

Is there a way to see the Title of the TV series ?
In the iOS app once I open the series there is no title only the episode name.

This is not available in the current design.

Moved to suggestions.

Its very strange that i cannot see which Series I am watching.
Maybe we can see the title by tapping on the S01 E01.

I understand, but to get to this page you would tap on a poster which has the series name below it. :wink:

On other (non-iPhone) devices you would see the series logo on tis page, which would help identify the title you are viewing.

Real estate on iPhone is more limited, so there are fewer options for logos and separate titles.

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One thing that may help is as long as you have this file structure with the series named main folder and the season folders in that directory
Generic File structure

you will see the Series name at the top of the screen next to the arrow when browsing files.

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