display remaining time?

Is there any way to just display the remaining time of a video while watching it?

I find it annoying to pause/resume just to peek at the remaining time.

Pressing down and menu works, but bringing the info panel is a bit annoying.

I think pressing up while watching does nothing right now… could it be possible to have it just display the progress bar with remaining time for a few secs?

Or maybe there is already a way to do it and I just didn’t find it?

Totally agree.

Just lightly touch the touch part of the remote (dont “click”) and you will se the progress bar for a few secs.

That’s awesome, thank you for your help !

PlexConnect on the ATV3 had a nice feature actually - when you tapped the remote to view the progress bar, it told you what time the movie ended. Always though that was a really nice touch.

awesome… kodi also has an option to show ending time of currently running movie… would be a nice addon and pretty easy to implement I guess…

So all I need is to find out how to send this light touch action using IR remote… the new ATV4 remote is pretty cool, but I find it most useful to use my harmony one remote because it’s more integrated with my other peripherals.

Using AppleTV profile of harmony works great with the new Apple TV, but I don’t think there is an equivalent for the light touch…