Display Plex collections in separate section

Hey James.
Not wanting to derail the ops thread, but I kind of expected this is how Plex collections would appear in Infuse. (In their own section.) Or at least an option for them to appear that way.

Is there a technical reason why (in Plex) they can only be seen when browsing the movie section itself?

If there is would it be possible to have an option to “hide movies that are in collections” similar to how Plex do it?
And/or as work progresses on sorting and filters an option for a filter that just shows collections?

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Each server type (Emby, Jellyfin, Plex) handles collections a little bit differently, so I’ve moved this to suggestions for now.

Infuse will currently honor the library-specific ‘Collections’ setting in Plex.

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Oh damn. It’s such a long time since I used Plex for watching anything I remembered I actually toggled showing items alongside collections back on when I did some poster modifications a while back. Doh!

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