Display parts of a movie as one Entry


i’ve many movies that are splitted into two parts, like XYZ CD1.avi and XYZ CD2.avi.

Now it would be nice, if these parts would be displayed as “one movie”.



Yep, i agree.

Movies with two DVDs as many concert DVDs are either show up with a folder icon if I have them both in a folder or as two separate movies if I don’t.  Any thoughts on how to best solve this design wise James?


Wouldn’t you want it like this?

So you mention concert DVD’s, I have both Live 8 and the original Live Aid concerts that is across 4 DVD’s each. This is exactly how I want them to show so 4 separate DVD’s (8 in total), why would you want them to show as 1?

I think I would prefer these types of movies to be grouped like tv shows. All in one folder with the artwork visible, not like it is now. And then when you open the folder you will see each individual episode or separate movie. For example I want all of the star wars movies in one folder, not individual movies to show up on my grid.

Fair enough, I must admit I like to see all the StarWars movies but it comes down to each of us are individuals! That said, when my collection becomes massive, I may just change my mind!

Thinking about it, you can do this anyway, so in a folder called movies (where you have lots of individual films) have another folder called StarWars and then put all 6 films in there. So when you go to your grid view, you see lots of ‘individual’ films, and then folders that contain ‘series’ of films.

If you then want the folder to display some kind of cover art (instead of the bland folder icon) just follow the instructions on how to achieve this.