Display or highlight matching frame rate when downloading subtitles

How do I know what frame rate to choose for the subtitles?

I know that if I don’t choose the right one, the subtitles will be time-shifted over time.

I really don’t know what the frame rate is for my films and through research I didn’t find anything about it.

If all films are played back with the same frame rate, then I write that down. How do I find out how many fps?


You could run it through MediaInfo. That will give you the frame rate.

I must admit that I found myself in this situation last night watching a TV show that had heavy accents. I am not going to stop the show, leave the home theatre and run the file through mediainfo on my computer in another room just so i can confirm the frame rate. Infuse should make that info available to you when selecting subtitles.

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I don’t use subs often but I’ve not had a problem with the first choice in the opensubtitle list in Infuse.

My lived experience would beg to differ …

Maybe for English subtitles.

For German and Romanian subtitles it is always a riddle, wich one is right.

Better idea is, that infuse automatically list the best option on the first position. Recommended marked for instance.

Updated title and moved to suggestions. Thanks!

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