Display only language subtitle without the file name

I went through the “Metadata 101” and I did exactly as mentioned of renaming files.
For example folder with two files:

  • Prey (2022).mp4
  • Prey (2022)-heb.srt

So there’s the movie “Prey” itself and a Hebrew subtitles.
But the displayed language including the file itself:

Is there anyway to display it just the language itself like the others above without the filename?

Thanks in advance!

To me I’d think you’d want to see that it’s an additional file since there may be multiples embedded in the file for the same language and you’d want to see which are the ones you added.

It still shows as (Hebrew) after but you can see it’s a srt file.

So I guess there is not other way to display it in other “friendlier” way? Like “Hebrew (External)” or something like that?
Is it something I can’t control over?

If you have only the one external subtitle file have you tried naming it “Prey (2022).srt” instead of “Prey (2022)-heb.srt”?

Well, in that case it would be worse since it won’t be able to detect the language.
So only the filename is displayed: